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Marilyn Strong is a woman of many talents. She’s been a newspaper publisher, a brilliant marketing strategist and an accomplished speaker and trainer. This book comes from her struggles to succeed in business while dealing with a serious condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder.

Her story is no different than the millions of other small business owners, self employed professionals, freelancers, artists and others who attempt to navigate the treacherous territory known as “business.”

What IS different is that Marilyn’s journey through this rocky ground ultimately led her to writing a book to help those small business owners and entrepreneurs who have ADD/ADHD and whose businesses are showing signs what she calls Business Attention Deficit Disorder or Business A.D.D.

She discovered that some of her ADD/ADHD characteristics made it difficult to hold down a job. In particular she was easily distracted by noises around her and had trouble focusing when there were too many people and visual items around her. If her procrastination tendencies reared their head, she ended up hyper-focusing and burning herself out to finish projects on time.

In spite of her procrastination tendencies and her visual and distraction issues Marilyn grew the desktop publishing business into a full fledged marketing company with staff.

With her success came job offers. Feeling she had her ADD/ADHD under control, she accepted the position of publisher and GM of her local newspaper and closed her business.

Three years later, after great successes in the newspaper business, she was out of the newspaper business and back to work as a solopreneur this time with a focus on helping small business with their business and marketing strategies and delivering small business training to new entrepreneurs.

Over the years Marilyn has learned about herself and her ADD/ADHD. She recognized that not only did she have ADD/ADHD so did her business. She was neglecting the parts of her business she didn’t like and burning herself out in the process.

Successfully working through her strategies, Marilyn has now written a book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention. Why Your Business Suffers from Business A.D.D. and How to Fix It.”

Her mission is to support 100,000 ADD/ADHD artists, contractors, entrepreneurs, network marketers, solopreneurs and small business owners beat back procrastination, avoid and minimize distractions and stop getting burnt out by hyper-focusing!

Marilyn now lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada with musician Scott Pembleton..

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