Build your business fast and easy through referrals!

One of the strategies for ending Business A.D.D. is keeping your vision active in your brain. When you know and remember where you are going, and why, it’s so much easier to do your best work. And when you do your best work, your clients are happy. And when your clients are happy, they are more likely to refer other people to you!

It’s a well known fact that referrals and word of mouth are the best way to grow a business. Referrals are  trust builders. If you have ADD/ADHD you may be a bit concerned about asking for referrals – especially if you feel that the work you’ve done for a client or customer could have been better, bigger, prettier, faster, smoother, more colourful, whatever! We are our own worst critics at times.

Now there’s a solution. Here’s the bible on building your business the fast, fun, easy way through referrals – and right now, it comes with valuable free bonuses!

Matt Anderson’s Fearless Referrals will show you how to grow any business quickly and easily by systematically developing high-quality referrals. This groundbreaking guide provides a toolbox of wording that works, powerful fear-killing techniques, and proven referral-gathering methods.

Even if you’re the timid type, Fearless Referrals will turn you into a referral machine by leveraging your most valuable asset: your network of contacts, and word of mouth. It’s complete with quizzes, exercises and scripts, so you get hands-on practice in addition to invaluable advice.

Here are some of the areas Matt covers in his book:

• Getting over discomfort at asking for referrals

• How to make getting referrals fun and rewarding

• The right way, the right time and the right people to ask

• Wording to use that is comfortable and not “salesy”

• How trust matters even more than expertise in getting referrals

• Rewarding your best referral sources

• How to get people talking about you – in a good way!

Brian Tracy, Top-Selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker says, These are the “Golden Rules” for developing referrals . . . in any business.”

 Please click on this link for more information, ordering and free bonuses!

Setting up a system to generate referrals from happy customers will help you keep your vision for your business active and activated in your mind. Keeping your vision active and activated is the first step to ending your Business A.D.D.

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