I Give Up! part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the expression, ‘I GIVE UP!’ that your lizard brain uses to tell you to stop before you cross the finish line.

The lizard brain does everything it can to stop you. It tells you lies about yourself; it instills fear in your heart and it assumes the worst will happen and plants that worst case scenario in your mind.

I also gave you an idea on what to do to help tame that lizard brain so you can cross the finish line.

This time I’m using the expression in a different context and with different punctuation. ‘I give up…’ can also be a positive expression; one that can, and will, significantly improve your life and your business.

This time you are saying, ‘I give up’ to the negatives in your life and business. THEN, the most important part of this process: you’re recording the Action steps you’re taking to be able to ‘give up’. Please note that you need to start  what you’re giving up AND your Action steps with with a VERB.

Maybe you want to stop smoking or maybe you want to stop procrastinating or maybe you want to stop doing work for clients who either don’t pay or can’t pay you what you’re worth.

Here are some of my favorites:

I give up…                                                                        Action

Chasing clients for payments                                     1. Send invoices on time

                                                                                       2.Offer 2% discount if paid within 10 days.

3. Call client if payment not received in 10 days.

4. Obtain a deposit before work is done.

5. Select clients who have the ability and desire                                                                                                      to pay on time so they can receive the full                                                                                                            benefit and value of my work.

Going to bed at 11pm and hating 6 am alarm          1. Go to bed at 10:30

Trying to be Wonder Woman                                       1. Invite others in the household to participate in                                                                                                   more household activities so I have time for                                                                                                       myself.

Watching 1 hour of TV a day                                        1. Spend more time doing puzzles and thinking.

Interrupting concentration time to check email        1. Close Outlook so I can’t be tempted to check                                                                                                email while I’m concentrating.

Using ‘I give up…’ followed by a VERB and then the Action statements forces the lizard brain to take a backseat.

The idea is to have no more than 5 ‘I give up…’ items that are stopping you from crossing the finish line. Each time you’ve truly ‘given up’ that negative activity or behaviour, you can cross it off the list and add another one to the ‘I give up’  the list.

In 2014, by using ‘I give up…’ ONLY as a positive, your relationships, business, and health will be significantly improved.

Here’s one everyone can do:  ‘I give up…’ Procrastinating about making a list  of  5 activities that stop me from crossing the finishing line. Your corresponding Action is to make your list of five (5) ‘I give up/Action activities and start working on those actions!

Stay strong and get paid to pay attention!


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