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If You’re Not Getting Paid to Pay Attention…
You Need to Pay Attention to This!

Maybe your business is suffering from a little-known but common problem called “Business A.D.D.” and you don’t even know it. If you find yourself constantly struggling to meet deadlines… chasing the newest shiny object or focusing on one thing to the detriment of others, you probably aren’t getting paid to pay attention and could be abeat procrastination, distraction and hyperfocus to build a better business victim of Business A.D.D.

You’re probably wondering exactly WHAT “Business A.D.D.” is – and why you should worry about it. I know for the longest time, I wondered about it.

You see, I’m an entrepreneur. And I would work my TAIL off every day but always felt I was hopelessly falling behind. Every day I would feel like there was a thousand new tasks to accomplish… projects to start… books to read… or people to see.

I was losing ground. And couldn’t figure out why.

If you can see yourself in that same situation, I have some good news…

Here’s my story…

I was asked to do a business presentation to a group of business women in my city. But it couldn’t be about MY business. So while procrastinating about what to talk about and looking for every distraction possible, I had a sudden epiphany.

I had to sit down and assess where I was at. I had to discover what I was doing wrong – and what I could do about it. In one of those “blinding flashes of the obvious,” I came to the realization that not only did I have A.D.D, but MY BUSINESS had A.D.D! (Of course! I AM the business… duh.)

Once I had that epiphany, I set about finding out how to change it.

The result – my new book: Getting Paid to Pay Attention – Why Your Business Suffers From A.D.D. and How to Fix It. 

In this powerful, new guide you’ll find the tips, strategies and advice that ends Business A.D.D. immediately. Written by someone who KNOWS intimately the challenges of getting things done so you can move forward in your own business. This e-book can make a huge difference to your business life!

Here’s what Dr. Edward Hallowell, a very well known US psychiatrist who specializes in treating Adult A.D.D. , said:

“Marilyn Strong’s honest, human approach to conquering common business challenges sets this book apart from the rest. No-nonsense business strategies have never been delivered in such a delightfully motivating way!”
 Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., founder of the Hallowell Centres and author of Crazy Busy. Overstretched Overbooked and About to Snap.

Here are just a few of the valuable and life-changing strategies you’ll discover when you dive into Getting Paid to Pay Attention:

  • The ONE SIMPLE PROCESS you can do every day to move your business forward, free up your time and finally gain the traction you need to build that business of your dreams!
  • Are you a procrastinator? Did you know there are at least THREE different procrastination styles? Find out which type you are and the specific strategies you need to beat procrastination forever!
  • How to master DISTRACTION and focus on your goals so clearly you’ll never miss another deadline!
  • The big difference between FOCUS and HYPER FOCUS – and how one can destroy your business while the other enhances it. This one small distinction can take you from frazzled to fabulous in no time at all!
  • The REAL  A-B-C system and the simple steps anyone can follow to end Business A.D.D.
  • And much, much more!

My goal is to help 100,000 small business owners learn how to get paid to pay attention so they can beat Business A.D.D.

Listen to what reviewers are saying about Getting Paid to Pay Attention.:

  • “Marilyn’s strategies for handling procrastination, distraction, and hyper-focus are thoughtful, original and fun!”
    – T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller :Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”
  •  “I’ll admit it… I have Business A.D.D. and that means I’m always chasing the next big internet marketing system. Luckily Marilyn’s easy step by step approach and creative solutions have helped me get back on track and focus on less, in order to make more.”
    – Peter Koning, President, Entra Marketing Ltd.
  •  “Simple, easy to implement strategies for success. And those of us affected by and inflicted with ADD/ADHD characteristics need all the help we can get, especially if it is simple and easy to implement.”– Lorna Rasmussen,

Look, I know you’re busy. That’s the point! But if you expect to make significant changes in your business, you have to have the strategies to do so. And Getting Paid to Pay Attention hands you those strategies.

This e-book is available online now! For a limited time, I’d like to send you a bonus action planner for ordering today. Place your order today and instantly get “Getting Paid to Pay Attention ACTION PLANNER.” as my gift to you. This special planner takes you through the solid strategies for beating A.D.D. – and is useful for anyone who runs their own business!

How much is the future security of your business worth?

Marilyn Strong

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