Pay Attention Action Planner in Action!

I am so excited I just had to share this. Zoe Kessler, a writer on Psych Central blog has written an article about my book here:

She wrote, “Strong’s book actually made me feel optimistic that I’d be able to overcome the typical ADHD bugaboos and lessen their stranglehold over my own productivity. Knowledge is, after all, power.” Knowing that others are benefiting from reading my book makes my whole book writing/publishing journey worthwhile.

Zoe is also going to use my Action Planner for a week to prove she can be more productive. Then she’ll blog about how she did and I will send her a posting commenting on her use of the Action Planner and give her ideas and suggestions on how to improve.

So, how are YOU doing with the Action Planners? How’s your Big Picture and Little Picture programs working for you? Let me know!

Oh and check out the blog this week and next!

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