Paying Attention to A.D.D. and Self Esteem

If you are an adult who has, or believe you have ADD/ADHD, chances are, growing up self-esteem was an issue. I know I always wondered why I was ‘different’, why I couldn’t follow directions, pay attention and why I was easily bored. The term ADD or ADHD didn’t exist when I was going to school. I don’t which is worse: not knowing about ADD/ADHD and struggling with low self-esteem or having a child ‘labelled’ as ADD/ADHD and struggling with low self-esteem.

As children with ADD/ADHD, it seems our measure is never as good as others. Everyone from parents to teachers and relatives to preachers scold us and draw attention to the fact that something is wrong with us. We feel we are unlovable, unworthy, imperfect, flawed, or defective in some significant way.

As ADD/ADHD adults, some of us have spent thousands of dollars on therapy and personal development programs to help boost our self-esteem and even still, we often measure our self-esteem by the dollars in our bank account or the number of customers or sales we made or the number of friends we have.

Genetics tells us that chances are, our children have ADD/ADHD and although there are new therapies and treatments, theĀ  issue of self-esteem is more important than ever. I would love every child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD to be able to have their own self-esteem coach.

Whether that coach is a parent or guardian, a school teacher or sports coach or a neighbour or preacher who sees the struggles the child is having, a self-esteem coach can make a HUGE difference in a child’s life.

Where do you find Self Esteem Coaches? Dr. Joe Rubino, one of the world’s foremost experts on self esteem elevation, has developed the Certified Self-esteem Coach Certification program.

However, many parents and teachers take the course not for the certification, simply to be better qualified to support children to learn the secrets that will champion them to develop soaring, unstoppable total self-esteem!

Imagine if you could put into place structures and programs that champion children to:

Feel capable, competent and able to produce their intended results with velocity
Possess authentic personal power and have the ability to influence others
Feel significant, accepted, and loved by others
Feel worthy of love while developing a positive expectation that they WILL receive all the blessings that life has to offer
Develop an appreciation for others while possessing empathy for what it’s like to be in their shoes

John Asaraff, New York Times Best Selling Author, and featured in the movie and book The Secret, says,

“This program is an amazing guide that any parent, teacher, grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling can easily follow to help guide the healthy mental growth of a child. It offers insights, skills, strategies and actions that will encourage all those who seek to be great parents or participants in the healthy rearing of children with a plethora of ways to do so. We need not try and figure out what we need to do or how we need to do it on our own. Dr. Joe offers us the blueprint to follow.”

As you work through the program, you will acquire the skill of empowering your life and the lives of the children you impact. Not only are your helping children, with or without ADD/ADHD, you’ll be learning new strategies yourself on how to elevate your own self-esteem! I call that a win-win!

Take advantage of this transformational, life-impacting program! Don’t let any child repeat the problems that you and I had growing up with ADD/ADHD.



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