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I Give Up! part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the expression, ‘I GIVE UP!’ that your lizard brain uses to tell you to stop before you cross the finish line. The lizard brain does everything it can to stop you. It tells you … Continue reading

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I Give Up! part 1

How many times and in how many different situations have you uttered the words, “I GIVE UP!” For me, ‘giving up’ usually meant stopping before a task was completed. As I have observed myself over the years I started to … Continue reading

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Learning to Pay Attention

Are you paying attention to ALL parts of your business?

To that pile of unread mail? To stickies stuck everywhere? To the phone messages? To the list of sales calls you have to make?

When you STOP paying attention to the parts of the business you don’t like, you are neglecting your business and damaging your chances for success. That neglect is called Business Attention Deficit Disorder or Business A.D.D..

As a solopreneur, paying attention to the parts of the business you don’t like (I call it the ‘ugly work’), can be difficult.  You know, the stuff you look at and your stomach immediately starts churning, you self talk says, “No way, you’re not going to do THIS right now” and you bury the note or the paper so you don’t have to be reminded of it.

How can you stop your self-talk from talking you out of doing the ugly work?  In the book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention”, you’ll learn three quick and easy action steps you can take to learn how to get through the ‘ugly work’.

You choose which of the three action steps YOU want, take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to implement it and you’re on your way to getting the ‘ugly work’ done.

Imagine how you’ll feel when the butterflies leave your stomach, your self talk turns itself off and you have energy to go back to working on the other parts of your business!

Learning to pay attention to all parts of your business, including the ‘ugly work’ is what will make you a successful business owner!

Here’s to your success!

PS if you decide to purchase the e-book, Getting Paid to Pay Attention, for a limited time you’ll also receive the Action Planner as a bonus! It’s normally $19.95 and it’s yours free when you purchase Getting Paid to Pay Attention.

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Reward Yourself – Eliminate Procrastination, Ignore Distractions

Reward yourself: eliminate procrastination and ignore distractions. Help build momentum so you can continue to pay attention to your business. Every time you make one step towards eliminating procrastination or ignoring a distraction you’re improving your business. And when you … Continue reading

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