Do you know how a Virtual Assistant (V.A.) adds value to your business?

Do you know how V.A.s help you pay attention to your business?

Do you wonder if you could ever be organized enough for a V.A. to be able to help you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then be sure to listen to the replay of How Virtual Assistants Add Value to Your Business.


Craig talked about how to build trust between you and the VA, he talked about pricing and package rates, he talked about how so many entrepreneurs are using VAs not only for admin purposes but
for their social media and e-commerce functions.

Craig left us with two ‘nuggets’ or ‘jewels’. The first was how to figure out what work a VA could do for us and the other was how to test if a VA is a good fit.

Using both of these jewels will help YOU get paid to pay attention to YOUR business and help you end procrastination, avoid distractions and conquer hyper-focus!

This FREE replay will ONLY be available until Sunday July 15 at 12 noon

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Marilyn Strong

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