I am So Sorry But I also have GREAT NEWS!

I feel so badly that you signed up for the 15 Minutes to Success
teleseminar after the seminar was over!

HOWEVER I have great news!

In the teleseminar I  walked you through my 7 proven tactics to set
yourself up for success including:

* How setting the RIGHT positive intention sets you up for the day;
* What to do if your positive intentions are being SABOTAGED;
* Why determining your HARDEST TASK is the easiest problem to solve;
* Which of your POSITIVE characteristics will come through when
you feel yourself getting off track;
* STRATEGIES that will help you with your 7 steps to success!

You KNOW using the 7 steps will make your work day or your life day
successful and productive!

I am NOT able to re-run the live seminar HOWEVER what I CAN do, is
make the recording of the session available!

You’ll be able to listen to the teleseminar, pause it, write your
notes, and start up the recording again AT YOUR CONVENIENCE!!

You will have FULL Access – plenty of
time to listen, pause, write notes and listen again!

The price is only $57 and I have a very special bonus

My accountant tells me I’m crazy, but I know there is SOOOOO much
great content in this seminar and I do feel so badly you missed it,
that I will, as a bonus, send you the TRANSCRIPT of the entire 45
minute teleseminar!

The combination of access to the audio and the transcript are valued at $97!!!

YOU can get them today for only $57!!!

Imagine, instead of writing like crazy as you’re listening to the
teleseminar you’ll have access to the mp3 AND follow along in the

All you need is a blank piece of paper and pen (or Word doc) and
you will have EVERYTHING you need to create your OWN 15 Minutes to
Success program!

After you check outwith PayPal you’ll be directed to the download
and listen page!

Here’s the link to get access to the audio and download the transcript.

Isn’t it time YOU set yourself up for Success???


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