The Three Symptoms of Business Attention Deficit Disorder (Business A.D.D.)

Business ADD – Could it Be Affecting Your Business?

Have you ever found yourself overcome with procrastination, distraction or hyper-focus while working in your business?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that over 15 million North Americans – and a proportionate number of the rest of the world’s population – suffer from at least one of these three business-killing symptoms. Now imagine how many self-employed professionals, freelancers, artists and others who ARE their business find themselves not able to succeed due to these three symptoms.

Do you fit into self-employed business owner category in any way?¬†Are you struggling to keep your business afloat due to the “stuff” that keeps you from being as successful as you can?

Business ADD – the Silent Dream Killer

Then maybe you should ask yourself if you or your business has that little-known, but quite common “disease” known as Business ADD.

If so, you’re in the right place. You’ll find the help and advice you need here. You’ll also get tips and strategies on how to keep everything in check so you can get your business doing what it’s supposed to do – make you money!

Let’s take a look at the three dream busters, shall we?

You have a report to finish – or a proposal to prepare. The client wants it on a certain day. It’s now two days before that time and you haven’t even started it yet. Sound familiar? It’s not because you’re lazy – you work at least 10 hours every single day – or that you aren’t capable.

Your procrastination comes from deeper within than that.

In my book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention – Why Your Business Suffers From A.D.D. and How to Fix It,” you’ll discover the real reasons for your procrastination. You’ll probably be surprised by the causes. I know I was when I first started researching! Then you’ll discover some powerfully effective strategies to knock procrastination out of your life forever.

Another symptom of Business ADD is distraction. I like to call it the “Shiny Penny Syndrome.” Every time something new and interesting comes along, I stop what I’m doing and go down a new rabbit hole for a while. In some ways this can be a good thing because it helps your mind stay active and alert, but it is a killer when you’re trying to meet a deadline or have to be somewhere at a certain time!

And finally, if you’ve ever put everything out of your mind and focused on one thing for a long time, you could be hyper-focusing. Many of us do hyper-focus when we’ve procrastinated for too long or chased too many shiny pennies. But when you hyper-focus on one thing for too long at the expense of getting other things done, it could be a sign of Business ADD.

Many of the answers to your questions or thoughts are in my book, “Getting Paid to Pay Attention.” Click the link to go to the order page so you can improve the way you work so your business gives you everything you wanted. And end Business ADD forever.


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