More Ways to Succeed with ADHD

I am absolutely thrilled to be one of 40 contributors to this new book, “More Ways to Succeed with ADHD”.

Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone you love with ADHD.  In an ADD-friendly bite-sized format, this is the ideal book for your bedside table, coffee table, or waiting room table. Pick it up and begin at the middle, end or somewhere in between.

Every page has helpful hints and strategies you will use again and again. Such as:

  • Avoiding critical mistakes most parents of ADHD children make (so you end the daily battling)
  • How to navigate the anger wilderness and form better relationships
  • Finding your car in the parking lot and conquering Mail Rushmore (to take the stress out of your day)
  • Shed the “should’s” and get time on your side
  • Sleep, sleep, beautiful blessed SLEEP (so you can feel fresh and energized in the morning)
  • Techniques to stop enabling and start empowering your child
  • How to apologize when you’ve hurt your child’s feelings (just a few choice words will make all the difference)
  • Asking better questions for better rapport with your teen
  • Celebrating the awesome aspects of ADHD (YES!)
  • Using iPhones, Smartpads, and other ADHD tools

There are great tips for business owners and entrepreneurs with ADHD and tips for those who have ADHD employees!

This Amazon Best Seller will make a great Christmas gift!!

PS here’s one example of a great way to succeed:  If you compare yourself to others, you’re guaranteed to fail. If you compare yourself to where you have personally been to where you personally are now, you will always succeed!

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